Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Canción: Sonic Youth - Malibu Gas Station

Hay que saber de la la cultura pop, de esa bien popular, para ubicarse en el contexto de esta canción, así que lo mejor es que ponga el link a la canción y haga un copy-paste de lo que la gente de NPR escribió acerca de ella. Del putas.

Sonic Youth's "Malibu Gas Station" is almost certainly the greatest six-minute opus ever written about Britney Spears. That's assuming, of course, that the song is about Spears, an idea supported by lines that seem to refer to her childhood performing career and recent erratic behavior. There's also the guffaw-worthy song title — a Malibu resident, Spears has been famously photographed walking barefoot from a gas-station bathroom — as well as Sonic Youth's own description of the song as "an ode to the flash moment of the camera as you knowingly step from your SUV sans panties."
Elsewhere, this is Sonic Youth at its most sleekly propulsive. The main groove is all minimalist forward-motion, with drummer Steve Shelley, who's increasingly been a force at recent SY live shows, playing an austere tom-tom beat. The wandering guitar lead around the three-minute mark makes for a somewhat conventional — and, therefore, not very Sonic Youth-y — solo. Much more satisfying is the grumbling noise jam near the song's end, as well as the spate of fluid, sexy guitar spills mixed throughout. Both of those elements are, happily, very Sonic Youth-y.
[Stream Album: Sonic Youth - The Eternal]


esguerroto said...

De acuerdo.
Yo tengo boleta para el concierto del 21 de Noviembre.
Cuenteme si va a ir.

Eduardo Osorio said...

No, esa noche veo a Dirty Projectors.