Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Joanna Newsom @ BAM: Fri Jan 31, 2008

Tickets: BAM

More Info: BAM, Joanna Newsom
Review by Curtains On


Ratner said...

I've been really interested in seeing her for the past year. If you haven't gotten tickets yet I'd be up for the show; I'm not entirely sure of the setup of BAM and how their tickets/seating work.

Eduardo Osorio said...

Michael, I got my ticket already. I should have sent an email to my list letting people know about it, but I wasn't sure someone was going to be interested. I think you should just get your ticket. This DOESN'T happen often. It will be gorgeous. She will play with an orchestra dude!

Eduardo Osorio said...

and for the future, if I post about a show that means I am going and I already have a ticket.